Plan Contable General para Empresas
Plan Contable general para empresas modificado.

Acerca de albertomoron

Graduate of the MBA, Ricardo Palma, University (Lima, Peru), Administrative Manager Genera Architects SAC, Former Teacher and Former Assistant Professor at the School of Accounting and Finance, Technology University of Peru (UTP), Former Professor, and ex-Secretary Academic and Secretary of the Faculty Council, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the URP, University, Former Teacher at the School of Finance and Accounting, National University "Federico Villareal, Finance Graduate of PADE, ESAN, Former Manager Resources Materials and Services, ENCI, import fertilizers, newsprint, whisky, soy oil, LEP, Meat, Wheat, Yellow Corn and Exporter of Coffee, Cotton, Rice, Ex-Director of Logistics of the DISA IV-East Lima, Ministry Health, Former Chief of the Division of Operational Units of the Public Utility Fisheries Service (EPSEP), Former Accountant-Auditor General Directorate of Communal Advancement of Former Ministry of Housing and Control Officer from the Ministry of the Presidency. Married, two sons, Jorge Alfredo, Architect, Karin Janette, psychologist, both graduates of the Ricardo Palma, University.
Esta entrada fue publicada en carreracontabilidad, DGCP, Mef, PCGE, plancontablegeneralempresas, resolucion CNC 043-2009-EF/94, silabocontabilidadcomputarizada. Guarda el enlace permanente.


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